My name is Mynah.

I am an international development professional currently living in Cotonou, Benin.

I identify, design and implement projects & partnerships, and create written and visual contents for International Organizations, NGOs, Foundations and Social Enterprises to foster behavioral change and encourage sustainable development in Social and Human development (including Public Health, Social Protection and Community-driven development), Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and Disaster and Risk Management.

believe in the power of content to connect and empower people, build capacities, promote innovative solutions, and ultimately enable communities and individuals to take ownership of their development and have a long-lasting impact.

When I am not:

  • designing, implementing  or monitoring a development project including operations, budget and technical content
  • organizing donors, civil society and private sector consultations and interviewing project beneficiaries including women and youth through project cycle to assess their needs or tell their stories
  • writing projects reports, brochures, notes, articles and translating them to English or French
  • brainstorming with creatives and shooting short-films or designing visual contents for communication and advocacy purposes
  • facilitating technical workshop or organizing thematic roudtables and conferences

You might find me playing music, enjoying art, or trying out new aromatherapy and food recipes.

Want to collaborate on a project, know more about me and my work, or simply say hello ?

Contact me here ! You can also find me on LinkedIn.